News Release: Hamari HQ

Notice of Relocation

Our headquarter has moved to its new office on July 1,2020.

Due to this relocation, we will change the address on our documents, such as invoices, issued from July 1,2020 as follows:

(Former Address)
1-4-29, Kunijima, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, 533-0024, Japan

(New Address)
1-19-40, Nankokita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0034, Japan

The location of our domestic sales and international department at Kitahama, Osaka remains unchanged.

Hamari is now a supplier listed in SciFinder

Hamari has just completed the registration of several of our tailor-made amino acids in SciFinder!

What is SciFinder? SciFinder is web platform extensively used by universities and research companies to find and obtain rare starting materials for their research. Sci-Finder is owned by the American Chemical Society who is also the owner of CAS numbers.

Now that Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. is registered with SciFinder, we look forward to receiving your orders!

Visit the SciFinder website