Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policies

EHS Management System

Both sites of HAMARI PFST, Ltd. obtained ISO 14001 Certification, a standardized international environmental management system, and are well praised by the communities for responsibly operating an effective system. Hamari established a safe and pleasant workplace by conducting risk assessments and employee education on harzards and countermeasures, and by implementing practical activities.


Fundamental Principles on Environmental Activities

Hamari strictly follows all relevant laws and regulations. We strive to earn society’s trust by setting high ethical standards, as a pharmaceutical company dealing with human health-related products.

EHS Policies

Among Hamari’s corporate activities, EHS management is an important managerial pillar that defines who we are. We prioritize safety and health to all of our employees and business partners, actively work on occupational health and safety measures, and strive to prevent global warming, to promote resource conservation and harmony with the natural environment. We proactively promote environmental conservation and pollution prevention as a prioritized theme. Moreover, we promote social contribution activities in coopration with the local communities to realize a synergestic co-existence with society.

  • Fundamental Principles of EHS Activities

    As a company that is engaged in health-related produts, we practice high ethical standards to safety the trust of society in compliance with laws and regulations.

  • EHS Policies

    We promote the following conservation activities to reduce environmental burden.

    • We evaluate the safety, health and environmental impacts of our business, product and service activities and set limits to activities that are technically and economically feasible. We relentlessly review and improve our EHS management system to improve its performance.
    • Our business activities comply with laws and regulations and ethics.
    • We establish an EHS activity promotion system and encourage its activities
    • We educate and train our employees to understand EHS activities and act responsibly.
  • Safety and Health Initiatives

    We strive to raise the industry standards by proactively promoting public safety and sanitation management; by promoting internal safety and health by aiming at zero occupational accidents via prevention programs against accidents, injuries and diseases; and by forming a comfortable working environment.

  • Efforts in Environmental Conservation

    We practice global environmental conservation by promoting effective use of limited resources such as energy and resource conservation: waste reduction, water resource conservation, greenhouse gas emission reduction and strict chemical substance management. All of our employees are involved in reviewing our environmental targets.

  • Transparency of Information

    We clearly and propely inform our business partners all of our occupational safety, health promotion and enivronmental conservation efforts.

ISO 14001 Certification

Yonezawa Site
Chitose Site

Our business activities deal with a large variety of environmental risks. We endeavor to reduce environmental risks and contribute to the environment to ensure a prospective corporate future. HAMARI PFST’s Yonezawa Site established its initial environmental policies in March 2000. The Yonezawa API plant was first in the Yamagata Prefecture to receive ISO 14001 certification and environmental system standard in February 2001. Simlarly, the Chitose Site is also ISO 14001 certified.

HAMARI PFST’s Yonezawa Site receiving the “Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Protection Promotion Award” in 2003 from the Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Conservation Council


The 6 Rs of environmental conservation
Yonezawa Site receiving ISO 14001 Certification