Achieving 8 SDGs via Overall Corporate Activities

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), whose contributions are raised by corporate activites, are already embedded in HAMARI’s corporate ethics, corporate philosphy and mission. Therefore, SDGs are already infused in HAMARI’s business and management strategies as well as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Guidelines.

HAMARI achieves SDGs via environmental protection efforts, pursuit of social responsibilities and dialogues with business partners toward the realization of HAMARI’s slogan for the planet, happiness and good health to everyone in the world.

SDG 13
SDG 14
SDG 15

HAMARI’s business is chemistry, and therefore, consideration for the environment and the community is indispensable. It is our mission to work for the planet, happiness and good health to everyone in the world.. As a company that can be trusted by regulators, business partners and consumers, we comply to laws and regulations, and putting extra efforts to reduce environmental burdens.

★ We are actively striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as the cornerstone of climate change countermeasure. Moreover, we are promoting the rduction of environmental burden and the effective use of limited resources, such as the reduction and recycling of industrial waste generated from our business activities, and the strengthening of chemical substance management used in research & development and manufacture.

★ We monitor the amount of water used and discharged to conserve water resources. In addition, we comply with waste water regulations by purifying industrial waste water, and conducting water quality inspections to confirm impact on environmental organisms.

★ Our main commercial manufacture sites at HAMARI PFST, Ltd. at Yonezawa and Chitose are ISO 14001 certified which is an international standard for environmental management systems.

★ Our EHS Policies actively promote environmental conservation and pollution prevention with priorities on preventing global warming, resource protection and harmony with the natural environment.

EHS Policies


Our goal is the be a world-class excellent company. To achieve such a goal, our management philosophy is to a establish a company that can fulfill obligations to the country and to the world while being kind & gentle to the environment both locally and globally. We are engated in various social responsibility and social contribution activities. Moreover we believe that corporate growth equates to human growth, we are creating a system that allows all employees to expand and improve their skills.

★ We actively support athletes through our commercial product CarnoPower®, a supplement of synthetic L-carnosine, and our sponsorship of ahtletic games such as cycling competitions.

★ We donate books on medicines and sciences to multiple libraries in Japan so that local children can enjoy chemistry as much as we do! Moreover, we also have a program to invite school students to join our science class to perform fun experiments with us.

★ Our motto is to motivate our employees to enthusiastically evolve to create a bright future for all of us. Hence, we have established level-based advancement programs and leadership development programs, as well well as sending our employees to the US to gain experience. In addition, we are relentlessly developing our human resource with our work-rotation training program.

★ We are promoting women’s advancement in order to foster a workplace in which diverse human resources can demonstrate their abilities regardless of gender.

★ Our workplace is friendly to employees with children. We support full maternity leave before and after childbirth, support childcare leave, and offer to conduct childcare leave interviews.

★ We have built a personnel evaluation system to support diverse work styles.

★ We also carry out community contribution activities tailored to the community requirements at each of our work sites.

Community Activities

SDG 16
SDG 17

In order for our company will grow for 100 years, 200 years and beyond, we will take full accountability to all stakeholders, ensure management transparency, enhance competitiveness over the medium to long term, and increase corporate value. We strive to enhance corporate governance to achieve continuous improvements.

Quality Policy / Quality Assurance System. We are pursuing safety and security to achieve a higher level of GMP, while following pharmaceutical laws (Ministerial Ordinances).

Quality Policy and Advanced Quality Assurance System

Compliance. We have established and enforced a HAMARI Compliance Program, a HAMARI Code of Conduct and a Compliance fostering program.

Supplier Responsibility. The pharmaceutical industry demands a stable supply of products. An interruption of pharmaceuticals could be fatal to patients. We have perform risk assessments. Moreover, as a company that has evolved in the industry for such a long time (over 75 years!), we also took part in raising the level of pharmaceutical industry.

Inspection and Facility Tours. We accept inspections and facility tours, not only to improve ourselves but to also improve the GMP level of the country and the world.

Securing a Stable Supply of Raw Materials. We are encouraging the purchase of critical raw materials from multiple sources as a countermeasure for geopolical risks.

Improvement of Management Quality. Since the introduction of the Management Quality Improvement Program in 2011, we have incorported the concept of self-assessment into our activities, reviewed and improved our managerial activities, and are accelerating the promotion of medium to long term management plans.

5S Activities Our 5S Activities, Work Improvement Activities, Task Improvement Proposals, etc. are designed to (1) Revitalize employees and organizations, (2) Reach operational efficiency and safety, and (3) Reach stability and reliability. At HAMARI, we are always striving to make our routine work more effective, more efficient and more safe.

5S Activities