HAMARI🥇Symmetry 2021 Best Paper Award

Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. and its co-authored Professor Soloshonok and Professor Han was granted the Symmetry 2021 Best Paper Award!

Convenient Asymmetric Synthesis of Fmoc-(S)-6,6,6-Trifluoro-Norleucine.
Symmetry 2019, 11, 578. DOI: 10.3390/sym11040578

In the research article, we reported a simple high-stereoselective and high-yield synthesis method for fluorine-containing unnatural amino acids using the alkylation reaction of Soloshonok-type chiral glycine equivalent.

By establishing an efficient general synthesis method for the title compound, which is one of the important fluorine-containing unnatural amino acids, a stable supply of this unnatural amino acid was achieved. By incorporating this amino acid into peptide synthesis, the manufacture of peptides with antitumor and antibacterial properties were successful. This advancement in synthesis is expected to contribute to the development of new drugs such as fluorine-containing peptide drugs that will dramatically improve enzyme inhibitory activity.

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