News Release: Chitose Hamari, Hamari HQ, Yonezawa Hamari

Merger Notification of Fully Owned Subsidiaries

We are pleased to announce that Hamari Chemicals, Ltd.’s fully owned manufacture sites Yonezawa Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. and Chitose Hamari Chemicals, Ltd., will be merged as one corporate entity HAMARI PFST, Ltd. on July 16, 2021. “PFST” stands for Pharmaceuticals, Food, Services and Technology.

The merger and integration of our subsidiaries will strengthen our research and development, production technology, and quality management capabilities, and will greatly contribute to further developments of our business.

After the merger date, Hamari PFST, Ltd. will take over all debts, liabilities and obligations of Yonezawa Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. and Chitose Hamari Chemicals, Ltd.

Hamari Summer Hours

Summer Hours

Hamari will be closed for the summer from Saturday, August 11 until Sunday, August 19, 2018.


After our quick one-week break, we will return revitalized to support your business even better!

Yonezawa Hamari’s High Potency Drug Manufacture Facility’s Construction Started!

Hamari Group has started construction of a high potency drug substance manufacture facility at Yonezawa Hamari Chemicals, Ltd., Hamari’s main commercial production site. The facility will be operation in April 2019. Exposure management is Category 4 and the facility is equipped with reactors, a centrifugal separator, a filter dryer and a pin-milling machine. The facility can also support the production of injection-grade APIs.
Yonezawa Hamari, as an important constituent of the Hamari Group, will advance Hamari’s goal of achievement a comprehensive production system.
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Hamari Summer Hours

Hamari Chemicals, Ltd., Yonezawa Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. and Chitose Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. will be closed for a well-deserved summer rest from August 10 to August 16, inclusive.

We will come back refreshed and ready to support your needs!