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Chitose Hamari = highly active peptide manufacture

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Hamari’s High Potency Lab
Chitose Hamari has finished construction of a dedicated high-potency lab. This lab, designed for OEL 4 category, was built to cater to your needs for the manufacture of highly active substances such as potent peptides.

Of course, Chitose Hamari can also perform manufacture of your custom manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Chitose Hamari also has a separate plant on site to manufacture plant extract products to your specific requirements!

Hamari’s Booths at CPhI Worldwide

Thank you ever so much on visiting Hamari’s booth at CPhI Worldwide in Barcelona in October 2016!

To express our gratitude, we would like to present our custom built booths at CPhI Worldwide since 2013.

CPhI 2016 in Barcelona

CPhI 2015 in Madrid

CPhI 2014 in Paris

CPhI 2013 in Frankfurt