Outsourced Commercial Manufacture

Do your commodity products suffer year-to-year from rising costs and declining selling prices?
In collaboration with manufacturers in China and India, Hamari can offer high-quality and low-cost API and intermediates
Hamari will manage foreign manufacturers and perform quality management to alleviate your burden

There are plenty of Chinese and Indian API manufacturers. Ventures companies pop-up and quickly pop-out because they violate local environmental or labor laws, or do questionable business or quality management practices. With nearly 70 years’ experience in the Asian market, Hamari knows who to trust and who to stay clear from. Let us manage Asian manufacturers to lower your project cost without sacrificing quality management.

Actual Performance
Intermediate A150 metric tons per year
Initiate Project・Technical Guidance(Technical Transfer)・Quality Assurance
Intermediate B30 metric tons per year
Technical Guidance(Quality Improvement)・Quality Assurance