Drug Discovery Program

Collaborative Research
Lead Drug Chemical SynthesisActual Cases
・Partnership with pharmaceutical company
・Synthesis of impurities
Synthesis of Drug Screening CandidatesActual Cases
・Partnership with venture companies born from university
・We began our synthesis of drug screening candidates program in 2005. From our program 3 active substances has reached the GMP manufacture stage
Refining Synthetic ProcessesActual Cases from Hamari USA
・Synthetic route scouting
・Synthetic process optimization
・Isolation and purification method scouting of substances
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Hamari’s Inventions
Zinc L-Carnosine Complex
Promotes a healthy stomach lining & environment
・registered as API in Japan and S. Korea
・registered as New Dietary Ingredient in USA
・registered as Therapeutically Active Ingredient in Australia
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Chiral Catalysts for Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation

1.Remarkable high enantioselectivity
2.Simple structure
3.Easy handling
4.Not sensitive to contaminants
5.No special equipment needed
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