Unnatural Amino Acids

Practical Asymmetric Synthesis of Tailor-Made α-Amino Acids

Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. is collaborating with Professor Vadim A. Soloshonok to develop innovative synthetic process for tailor-made amino acids. The ”Soloshonok-Hamari Ligand” is an ideal tool to produce various tailor-made amino acids at high efficiency.

Using these ligands and readily available racemic/natural amino acids, a variety of tailor-made amino acids can be synthesized with high stereoselectivity by chiral interconversion and/or functionalization at the α-carbon position. These ligands do not racemize, and are easily recovered and recycled to permit cost-effective large scale manufacture.

This technology is the ultimate advanced approach for tailor-made amino acids.

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L-D Interconversion
L-D interconversion
  • ➊ Remarkable Stereochemical Outcomes
  • ➋ Easy Manipulation
  • ➌ Recyclable Ligand
  • ➍ No Need for Special Equipment
  • ➎ Cost Effective