Corporate History


Founding of Corporate Entities
1948 HAMA Research Institute (closed)
1951 HAMA Research Institute, Sakai facility (closed)
1952 HAMA Research Institute renamed as Hamari Chemicals, Ltd.
1955 Hamari Chemicals, Ltd., Tokyo Office
1961 Hamari Chemicals, Ltd., Takatsuki facility (closed)
1974 Hamari Company, Limited (“Hamari Health”)
1975 Hamari Chemicals, Ltd., Kunijima facility
1980 Yonezawa Hamari Chemicals, Ltd.
2005 Hamari Chemicals USA Inc.
2008 Kobe Research Center (closed)
2011 Hamari Chemicals USA Inc. San Diego Research Center (closed)
2012 Chitose Hamari Chemicals, Ltd.
2020 Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. head office relocated
Kobe and Hamari research centers relocated to head office
2021 Chitose Hamari Chemicals, Ltd, and Yonezawa Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. merged to HAMARI PFST, Ltd.
2023 HAMARI Group reorganized under HAMARI Holdings Corp.


Historical Active Ingredients
1968 first peptide at commercial scale: Glycylgycyl
1984 first US patent: Diltiazem
1985 first US (FDA) approved Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient: Ibuprofen
2002 first US (FDA) approved New Dietary Ingredient: Zinc Carnosine
2006 first Russia (MHSDRF) approved API: Benfotiamine
2010 first Ukraine (MHU) approved API: Benfotiamine
2012 first India (DCGI) approved API: Benfotiamine
2015 first Australia (TGA) approved Complementary Medicine: Zinc Carnosine


Featured Facility Improvements
2008 established high-potency lab and kilo-lab, Osaka facility
2015 established automated warehouse, Yonezawa facility
established high-potency lab, Chitose facility
2019 established high-potency manufacture plant, Yonezawa facility


2003 Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Protection Award, Yonezawa facility
2013 Kansai Quality Award Winner, Improvement Award, Hamari HQ
2015 Kansai Quality Award Winner, Award for Excellence, Hamari HQ
2019 Kansai Quality Award Winner, Gold Award, Hamari HQ


2001 ISO 14001 Certification, Yonezawa facility
2011 Kosher Certification, Yonezawa facility
2013 ISO 14001 Certification, Chitose facility
2015 Marketing Authorization Holder (PMDA, Type 1 and 2), Japan


Corporate Programs
1992 5S activity, Yonezawa facility
1995 5S activity, Osaka facility
2005 Corporate Identity Campaign
2009 Group QA Program
2015 5S activity, Chitose facility