Corporate Message

For the Planet, Happiness and Good Health to Everyone in the World

We, at Hamari, with our leading edge technology and services aspire to bring happiness to everyone in the world.
We are ever evolving and eagerly striving to build a bright future to ensure cordial working relationships with our customers.

Company Philosophy: Reliable, Innovative, Enthusiastic

Management Principle

Working under the banner of “Reliable, Innovative, Enthusiastic,”
Hamari strives to develop efficient manufacture processes,
to develop higher quality products and services,
to consistently create valuable products.
We embark on unparalleled services to build a healthy and bright future for everyone and aim to be the world leader in our field.

Mission Statement

We, at Hamari, with our leading edge technology and services,
bring happiness to mankind and the planet.
We, at Hamari, ever evolving, strive to build a bright future with our enthusiastic employees.
We, at Hamari, fervently involve ourselves in collaborations with our customers.

These define who we are.
These are what we can do for you.