Chitose Site’s High Potency Drug Substance Manufacture Facility

HAMARI PFST, Ltd. Chitose Site’s peptide production facility for high potency drug substances has been operational since 2016. The facility is equipped with a clean room. Small peptides are manufactured under strict cGMP. Mid-length to long peptides from 10 to 30 residues, cyclic peptides, peptide conjugates, etc. can also be manufactured. Moreover, to respond to the increasing market demands for injection-grade APIs, the containment and cleanliness control systems was upgraded for high potency injection-grade peptides in February 2019. Chitose Hamari will evolve with your needs!


Equipment Overview

Cleanliness Class
Class C (ISO7)
22±3℃, 30±15%RH
Primary Contain.
Balance enclosure, safety cabinet
Secondary Contain.
Pressure controlled room, HEPA, emergency decontamination mist shower
Exposure Mgmt.
OEL 1 to 10 μg/m3, Category 4 (Pharma Solutions Co., Ltd.’s Classification)
Batch Size
grams to 1 kg
Production Line
1 line
Manuf. Equipment
Solid-phase reactor (10 L), liquid-phase reactor (20 L), automated HPLC purification system, lyophilizer (flask manifold / tray), shunt-flow precision humidity generator

automated HPLC purification system

manufacture area

product room